國內學界長期在細胞治療領域具有豐沛研究能量,透過轉譯醫學將科研成果轉化為創新細胞治療療法除嘉惠病患外,亦可成為協助國內細胞治療產業重要的基石。SPARK Taiwan辦公室及台灣細胞醫療協會共同辦理2018 International Cell Therapy Development and Technology Trends Symposium,本研討會邀請國內外細胞治療領域專家及產業人士共同參與,議題涵蓋法規、產業趨勢以及最新臨床細胞治療技術發展,誠摯邀請對細胞治療議題有興趣的學研產業先進踴躍報名參加。

With the development and maturation of cell therapy technology, a number of cell therapy products have received market authorization in the USA, Japan, European Union and other places in recent years. Cell therapy has become the most important emerging medical treatment in the world. It involves the treatment of stem cells, inducing pluri-potent stem cells or immunocytes as the main treatment method. It is technically effective and is considered a new hope in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular and other catastrophic diseases. For a long time, the domestic academic community has been rich with research energy in the field of cell therapy. Through translational medicine, achievement in scientific research can be transformed into innovative cell therapy; in addition to benefitting patients, it can also become an important foundation in assisting the domestic cell therapy industry. SPARK Taiwan Office and the Taiwan Association for Cellular Therapy are jointly organizing the 2018 International Cell Therapy Development and Technology Trends Symposium. This Symposium will invite local and foreign experts in the field of cell therapy, together with industry professionals, to participate. The topics cover regulations, industry trends and the latest clinical cell therapy technical development. We sincerely invite those in academia and industry, who are interested in the topic of cell therapy to actively sign up.