Introduction 引言

Taiwan Biopharmaceutical R&D energy is prolific and has fostered many outstanding talents. Meanwhile, on the basis of the governmental promotion of biotech industry, plenty of biotech companies have been established in the past 10 years, which indicated that biotech industry in Taiwan is booming and flourishing. However, biopharmaceutical industry has the nature of high investment costs, high risk, long development time and knowledge-intensive. Therefore, academia and industry need to be closely connected and cooperate together to shorten the timeline of new drugs and medical devices development.

In order to enhance the communication between academia and industry, Si2C and TRPMA jointly organize “Crossing the Chasm: From Bench to Business” academia-industry collaboration conference. Professor Daria Mochly-Rosen (School of Medicine, Stanford University), who is the founder of SPARK Program of Stanford University, is specially invited to share academia-industry collaboration experience of Stanford SPARK Program. Experts from academia and industry in Taiwan are also invited to introduce existing cooperation mechanisms. By means of international expert’s viewpoint, this conference would provide the future academia-industry collaboration framework in Taiwan and any possible model to promote academia-industry cooperation in the early stage.

Si2C will benefit Taiwan biotech industry through creating value of the project from commercialization and biotech talents training with SPARK Taiwan Program. SPARK Taiwan Program was introduced from Stanford SPARK and launched in 2012. This program is designed to provide assistance to those that are in the pharmaceutical industry or the medical device industry with potential products but are lacking in initial commercial planning to enter the market. SPARK Taiwan cultivates future teams and team projects in preparation to join the industry. The teams will go through training to learn product development methods with latest international view on turning research into products. TRPMA, composed of 28 Taiwanese innovative biopharmaceutical companies, plays a pivotal role in coordinating the resources, strengthening the alliances among the industry, the academic and the government in Taiwan. TRPMA is devoted to holding academia-industry communication forum, and collaborates with Digital Treasury Corporation (DTCO) to jointly develop the “BioIPSeeds Trusted Platform”. By using the latest Blockchain Technology featuring IP notary services and data traceability, TRPMA hope to consolidate mutual trust between the industry and the academia, speed up the process of topic selection and shorten the time needed from the bench to the clinical trial, and eventually to the market.

We sincerely invite experts and partners from academia and biopharmaceutical industry to join this fruitful event together to accelerate Taiwan academia-industry resource integration, and strengthen the network of biopharmaceutical cooperation.


為使產業界與學研界展開密切溝通與合作開發,Si2C與TRPMA共同合作舉辦「Crossing the Chasm: From Bench to Business生技醫藥產學合作交流國際研討會」。此次國際研討會特別邀請SPARK Program創辦者Professor Daria Mochly-Rosen (School of Medicine, Stanford University)來台,分享美國Stanford SPARK Program十年以來的產學合作經驗及策略,同時邀請國內學界及產業專家提出現有之合作機制。藉由國外專家觀點的切入,提供台灣未來產學合作之規劃,進一步在研發早期促成合作,以及討論各種可能之合作模式。

Si2C多年來擔任生技育成加值的角色,搭配SPARK Taiwan共同推動學研界以市場及臨床需求進行開發;SPARK Taiwan計畫於2012年正式啟動,師法美國Stanford SPARK的執行模式,徵求區域型重點培訓大學(Anchor University)及建置其特色培育模式,提供國內新藥/醫材團隊產品開發鏈上所需相關課程的培訓,進一步帶動區域相關研究機構之研發成果商品化發展。

TRPMA創立於2012年11月,是台灣生技新藥的產業聚落,也是產業資源的整合平台。為推動國內生技醫藥產學合作,今年TRPMA積極舉辦產學交流會議,並與區塊鏈(Blockchain)新創公司DTCO共同開發「生技醫藥產學合作信任平台 (BioIPSeeds Trusted Platform)」,希望藉此利用區塊鏈智財公證和交易追溯的科技特性,建立產學P2P直接溝通的智財資訊平台,協助產學建立互信,加速產業蒐尋開發標的,縮短台灣新藥研發及上市時程。