Daria Mochly-Rosen, Ph.D.

Daria Mochly-Rosen, the George D. Smith Professor for Translational Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, is a Professor of Chemical and Systems Biology. She is the founder and co-director of SPARK, a translational research program. Now at its 10th year, SPARK At Stanford helped over 100 academic inventors of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics bring their inventions to clinical studies and/or to licensing; SPARK’s success rate is 60%. SPARK is now established as an intentional program in over two dozen universities on five continents. Dr. Mochly-Rosen leads a multi-disciplinary academic research and has published about 240 papers and over 30 patents and patent applications. Her laboratory develops peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interactions to modulate protein kinases and proteins that regulate mitochondrial dynamics. They also develop small molecules to correct common human mutations in two key metabolic enzymes, ALDH2 and G6PD (affecting ~500 million people each). Dr. Mochly-Rosen (Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) was the chair of her department (2001-2005) and the Senior Associate Dean for Research at the Stanford University School of Medicine (2006-2013). She is a holder of an NIH Merit Award and has founded three biopharmaceutical companies, one of which (KAI Pharmaceuticals) was acquired by Amgen.
胡幼圃教授 Oliver Yoa-Pu Hu, Ph.D.


  • B.S. (Pharmacy, National Defense Medical Center, ROC)
  • Ph.D. (Division of Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Department of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy,
    University of Florida, USA)

Professional Experiences

  • Ministers without Portfolio, Examination Yuan, R.O.C. (September 2008 – September 2014)
  • Director-General, Bureau of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Department of Health, The Executive Yuan, ROC.(April 1998 – March 2002)
  • Visiting Professor, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, USA.( 1992 –1993)
  • Consultant to the Minister, Department of Health, Department of Health, the Executive Yuan, ROC (2002-2007 For three Ministers)( April 2002 – Feb. 2007)

Research Activities &Accomplishments
Dr. Hu’s research interests include basic and clinical aspects of Pharmacokinetics, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Regulation, and New Drug Discovery. He is the author of over a hundred and fifty original research articles and has granted 59 patents nationally and internationally, right now there are 4 new drugs at or complete clinical phase III study applying Dr. Hu’s invention. Dr. Hu became the Director-General of Bureau of the Pharmaceutical Affairs of Taiwan since 1998. Within his four years term, he successful established and implemented more than 132 new regulations including 2 new laws i.e. Drug Relief Law and Rare Disease Prevention, Treatment and Orphan Drug Act. Two government support foundations have been established within his 4 year’s term, i.e. Center for Drug Evaluation and Taiwan Drug Relief Foundation. He has laid the foundation for modernization of Taiwan Pharmaceutical Regulations.

Honors and Awards
Since 1984, Professor Hu has received more than 20 National and International Awards including Outstanding Youth Award of ROC (1989). International Anesthesia Research Society Scientific Award (1992), and Asian Pharmaceutical Research Award (1998). Besides, Dr. Hu has also listed in Who’s Who in the World (1996~), Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (1996~) and Who’s Who in America (1997~) ;Who’s Who in the R.O.C. (1999~). Outstanding Intellectual Properties Transfer Award (2002).Recently, Dr. Hu received American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists AAPS honor as academic fellow(2006).

陳璧榮 董事長 Bryon Chen

Pharmacist with MBA.
General Manager of Astra Taiwan and AstraZeneca Asia Regional Director for 20 years. (1981-2001)
General Manager of Roche Diagnostics in Great China for 5 years. (2001-2006)
Regulatory Affairs and Medical Affair Committee Chairman in IRPMA Taiwan in 1990s.
Taiwan Mask Corp (TMC) Supervisor. (2013- )
Stravencon/ADHARTAS (UK based company) Taiwan Representative of Strategic management and Product sourcing. (2012-  )
Director of a cosmetic contact lens company.
Chairman of Advagene Biopharma, developing preventive and therapeutic vaccines via a protein-based immunomodulator.
陳志光 總經理 Calvin C.K. Chen, Ph.D.

陳志光博士擁有超過20年豐富之生技製藥創投及生技製藥公司創設及營運之經驗。陳志光博士為前安成國際藥業總經理,帶領安成藥業與美國Anchen Inc. 的分割、營運及在台灣股票上櫃,期間並主導完成產品授權給跨國大藥廠Teva。在此之前陳志光博士為一創業投資家,曾負責超過15件美國、中國和台灣的生技製藥公司之創設與投資,成功募集的資金超過一億二千萬美金,因長期參與投資之生技製藥公司之研發和營運管理,具有深厚的專業與實務經驗,曾擔任永豐餘集團旗下上騰生技顧問有限公司協理、誠信創投協理、凱得生生物科技總經理及多家生技製藥公司董事。陳志光博士為美國University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign微生物學領域博士。

Dr. Calvin Chen is instrumental in establishing the pipeline and strategy of TWi Biotechnology.. Dr. Calvin Chen brings over 20 years of experience in biotech venture investment, business development, and running startup biotech companies. Dr. Calvin Chen has joined Anchen Inc. in 2009, where he led the Anchen Pharmaceuticals Taiwan spin-off and the formation of TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Calvin Chen served as the president of TWi Pharmaceuticals during 2012 to 2015. Under Dr. Chen’s leadership, TWi Pharmaceuticals has successfully become a public listed company in Dec., 2013, when it has raised over US$110M via the IPO. In addition, Dr. Calvin Chen has successfully developed and managed business partnerships with Teva, Par (now Endo) and several domestic pharmaceuticals/biotech companies for TWi Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining TWi, Dr. Chen has a long career as a venture capitalist first with ChenXin Venture Group, the first venture investment firm in Taiwan specialized in healthcare sectors, and then with YFY Biotech Management Company, one of the largest healthcare specialized venture capitals in Taiwan. Dr. Chen’s portfolio companies include Optimer Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: OPTR), Taigen Pharmaceuticals Holding Ltd. (4157 TT), PharmaEngine Inc. (4162 TT), Bionime Co. (4737 TT), Taiwan Liposome Company (4152 TT), TaiMed Biologics Co. (4147 TT), Apex International Co. (Acquired by Parexel, NASDAQ: PRXL), Level Biotechnology Co. (3118 TT), OBI Pharma Inc. (4147 TT), and Mycenax Biotech Inc. (4726 TT).

Dr. Chen holds a Ph.D. degree in biotechnology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US, and is a graduate of National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan.
程馨 秘書長 Carol Cheng

  • Chief Operating Officer, Taiwan Research-Based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA, 2012~)
  • Chief Government Affairs, Orient EuroPharma Company (Taiwan, 2012~)


  • PhD Program, College of Management, Chang Gung University, Taiwan
  • MSc, Department of Health Care Management, College of Management, Chang  Gung University, Taiwan
  • BS, School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Career Highlights

  • Director, Government Affairs, Novartis Asia Pacific (Singapore, 2010-2011 )
  • Chief Operating Officer, International Research-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IRPMA, Taiwan, 2000-2010)
  • Business Director, Amgen Taiwan Ltd., (1999-2000)
  • Chief Operating Officer, International Research-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IRPMA, Taiwan, 1996-1998)
  • Clinical Research Manager, Sales Manager, Glaxo Wellcome (Taiwan, 1988-1995)
陳恆德 醫務長 Dr. Herng-Der Chern, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Chern received his M.D. degree from National Taiwan University in 1983 and his Ph.D. degree in pharmacology from University of Pittsburgh in 1994.
Before he joined Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) in 1998, Dr. Chern was the head of Division of Clinical Pharmacology of National Taiwan University Hospital and associate professor in National Taiwan University.  Until March 2011, Dr. Chern had been the Executive Director of CDE and in charge of technical review of IND/NDA/HTA for Taiwan’s government. Under his leadership, CDE is one of a few regulatory agencies in Asia that can perform in-house review based on good regulatory science.
Since 2013, Dr. Chern has served as the Chief Medical Director of Si2C, a program under the Ministry of Science and Technology, in charge of the drug team to promote commercialization of new drug development projects in Academia via government funding mechanism.
Since 2016, Dr. Chern has taken the role of acting Executive Officer of Biotech Incubation Center, Academia Sinica at the same time actively participating the set up of the future incubation center in the National Bio Research Park scheduled to be open in 2017.
In the last 20 years, Dr. Chern plays a very active role in promoting joint IRB, set up Taiwan association of IRB, ICH concept, GCP education, good review practice, new drug development and Health Technology Assessment and new drug development in Asia.  Dr. Chern involved in many regional harmonization initiatives especially the APEC Network of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science leaded by Taiwan since 2000 and APEC Best Regulatory Practice Project since 2011.

黃文鴻 教授 Weng-Foung Huang, Ph.D.


  • PhD Program, University of Minnesota, USA
  • B.S. in Pharmacy, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Professional Experiences

  • Director General, National Laboratories of Food and Drug, Department of Health (1989.02~1994.01)
  • Director, Bureau of Pharmaceutical Affairs, DOH (1985.01~1989.01)
  • President, Taiwan Pharmaceutical Society (2007.01~2011.01)

Prof. Weng-Foung Huang served on several senior positions in the Department of Health in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and national laboratories for 15 years before he joined the National Yang-Ming University in 1994. Prof. Huang was the key architect of Taiwan’s GMP implementation, regulatory reforms, and drug pricing and reimbursement of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance. He is a well-known scholar in Taiwan and international network of pharmacy. His research interests include health policy evaluation, pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement in universal health coverage, and pharmacoeconomics. Prof. Huang also provides consultation and services to the government, industry, and civil society organizations.


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